North Atlantic (Zooplankton) Barcoding Atlas

The ICES North Atlantic Zooplankton Barcoding Atlas is a collaboratively-developed product of WGIMT, MetaZooGene (SCOR WG157), and COPEPOD.  This Atlas summarizes the geographic distribution and barcoding status of zooplankton species in the ICES North Atlantic sub-region, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean Sea, based on publicly available data in the GenBank and BOLD sequence databases.  Divided into major taxonomic groups (e.g., "copepods" or "ctenophores"), this tool provides a simple overview of what species are commonly found in the region and which have barcodes publicly available in GenBank/BOLD.  This information can then be used to focus further barcoding efforts (e.g., "Species of genus X have all been barcoded, but not genus Y" ... or  "Species of genus X have been barcoded in the Mediterranean but not in the Bay of Biscay").

Map of euphausiid species observation and barcodes in the North Atlantic.   

Example map of calanoid copepod species and barcode distributions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Map of isopod species observations and barcode distribution in Baltic Sea.

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