The WGIMT Zooplankton Barcoding Atlas

WGIMT Barcoding Atlas intro splash

The ICES WGIMT Zooplankton Barcoding Atlas is a collaboratively developed product of WGIMT, MetaZooGene (SCOR WG157), and COPEPOD.  This Atlas summarizes the geographic distribution and barcoding status of zooplankton species in the ICES North Atlantic sub-region, the Baltic Seaa, and the Mediterranean Sea. This Atlas currently only summarizes publicly available cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI/CO1/COX1) data found in the GenBank and BOLD sequence databases

With the species lists divided into major taxonomic groups (e.g., "copepods" or "ctenophores"), this tool provides a simple overview of what species are commonly found in each region and which species have barcodes publicly available in GenBank/BOLD.  This information can then be used to focus further barcoding efforts (e.g., "Species of genus X have all been barcoded, but not genus Y" ... or  "Species of genus X have been barcoded in the Mediterranean but not in the Bay of Biscay").

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