Training Courses related to WGIMT Goals


MOTax Advanced Zooplankton Courses (AZC)

The Marine Organism Taxonomy Unit (MOTax) at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples (SZN) has launched a series of Advanced Zooplankton Courses (AZC) to provide an advanced training on integrative morphological and molecular taxonomy of marine zooplankton organisms.

The first Advanced Course (AZC1) was organized by Maria Grazia Mazzocchi and Iole Di Capua in 2018. It provided an advanced training on integrated taxonomy of selected copepod families (Aetideidae, Paracalanidae, Spinocalanidae, Corycaeidae, Oithonidae, and Oncaeidae) which are common and abundant in epipelagic and/or mesopelagic oceanic waters, for addressing biodiversity studies in zooplankton biology and ecology.

The programme consisted of frontal lessons, practical sessions, molecular lab and scanning electron microscope sessions. Twenty participants (researchers, technicians, and PhD students) from different research institutions and universities in 16 countries had the opportunity to interact and discuss with experts on new challenges of marine copepods taxonomy in the molecular era.


NOTE:   Please be aware that the lecture videos below do not have sound.  

You can pause the video if you need more time to read the slides.



Lecture 1:  Copepod taxonomy: where we are and where to go (by Geoff Boxshall)


Lecture 2:  Copepod evolution (by Geoff Boxshall)


Lecture 3:  Aetideidae (by Elena L. Markhaseva)


Lecture 4:  Paracalanidae (by Astrid Cornils)


Lecture 5:  Calocalanus genus (by Iole Di Capua)


Lecture 6:  Oithonidae (by Maria Grazia Mazzocchi)


Lecture 7:  Oncaeidae (by Ruth Böttger-Schnack)